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Bumper Repair / Fender Repair

When a car bumper is damaged there is more than one way to correct the problem. It is worth evaluating the possibility of repair before deciding if a new one is required. We will always consider and attempt to repair your bumper.

There are many different types of materials used in the making of bumpers. Different repair procedures are necessary depending on the type of material your bumper was made of.

When a bumper is repaired it needs to be painted. Also, new replacement parts must also be color-matched and painted before installation.

One other factor to understand when painting a bumper or any other panel is that the paint needs to be extended to the entire panel. The damage may only be on one corner, but the entire panel must be worked on.

Car bumpers are held to the car by clips and a few screws. If the bumper is caught on something it can easily come off its latching retainers. We see many clients where the bumper has come off and is hanging loose. Those are some repairs that can be done very quickly.

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