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The Process of a Car Accident Claim

  1. Submitting a claim for collision repairs is a legal and formal matter. Insurance companies document and investigate each case. Some cases are easily and quickly settled while others take longer to be resolved. Establishing who is responsible for causing the accident or the damage to personal property is the most critical detail.
  2. The second major step is damage appraisal. An insurance company will need to verify the damage to the property. Insurance companies will use different tools to accomplish that. Some insurances will ask the customer to send photos of the damage, some will provide a smartphone application so the customer can do a virtual walk around the car (or property) and others will ask the car owner to submit a written estimate with photos. The task of submitting photos to an insurance company can be unfamiliar. If you need help submitting information to the insurance company, give us a call and we will gladly help you—no strings attached.
  3. Once the insurance has reviewed the damage, they are ready to assess the cost of repairs and approve repairs. They will issue a written estimate by one of their estimators. It is important to know that the initial estimate the insurance writes is not final. Usually, due to the limitations of not being present with the car or the need to tear down the car to make a full inspection, the initial estimate may be incomplete.
  4. Once an estimate has been issued by the insurance, the car must be disassembled as needed and repairs can begin. At this point, the shop performing the work will submit what is called a supplement to request additional repairs or parts as needed. The supplement is needed on almost every job. Submitting supplements will be the responsibility of the shop performing the work.
  5. When you leave your car at our shop for repairs, we will handle any additional requests for additional work. At this point, the car will not leave the shop until completely repaired.
  6. It is important to know that by law it is the responsibility of the shop to complete the repairs so the car is restored to pre-accident condition. Any and all aspects of the car which were affected by a collision need to be repaired by the shop performing the work.
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