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Frame Repairs / Structure Repairs

If you were in an accident and the car is in bad shape, your car likely needs structural repair. Structural repair is basically replacing parts that make up the core of your car’s chassis or unibody. The skeleton if you will. Structural parts are not the parts that you see from the outside. These are internal panels of the car that hold the car together. These parts use special welding and require extensive work and knowledge. Not to worry, for we offer you that expertise.

About a third of car repairs need some structural repairs like the following:

  1. Welding
  2. Spot Welding
  3. Cutting old pieces of metal and installing new ones
  4. Structural measuring and alignment. Aligning properly so doors open and close properly, so headlights and brake lights fit right, and that the hood aligns with the fender and the bumper.
  5. Alignment
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