Air Conditioning and heater problems.

Air Conditioning 

Most cars today are equipped with climate control systems. Some cars have a fully automated system while others have a manual system. The purpose of it is of course give you warn air in the winter and cold air in the summer. In California we use the a/c almost year-round since the weather here is not too cold. Also, in winter the days can be warmer inside the car. So, if your system is not working. We can definitely help.

A lack of coolant or low coolant levels will prevent your heater from work properly. Not to mention a coolant leak can damage your engine due to overheating. So please if you see any leaks, it is always best to have your car looked at immediately.

Air conditioner repairs are usually simple repairs. Many times, we find that the only issue is low freon content. We have repaired several cars that had either low levels of cold air (somewhat cold basically) or no cold air at all. Of course, if your blower fan does not work at all that will keep the entire air containing system of your car from working.

  1. Some of the root causes that let the freon out on your car’s system are leaks.
    1. Leaks due to puncture condensers
    2. leaky hoses
    3. leaky compressor.

But there is more. There are a number of pressure switches and transducers can will keep the compressor from working properly.

Need help? Give us a call and we will get your climate control in order. We offer a free initial assessment. Call or text today. 

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