Engine oil change,

  1. Oil Change
    • The oil change is the most basic of all services and it is perhaps the most critical. Not because the oil is the most critical but because what happens during an oil change.
    • Now if you use a quick oil change service provider you may not be getting the full benefit of what a qualified shop can do for you and your car.
    • You see when out technicians perform an oil change, we start by taking a short road test. When we drive the car, we are listening for anything out of the ordinary. This is standard and it helps detects issues of concern that the driver did not know where issues of concern.
    • After that cars are inspected for the basic needs. We go through a list of about 45 items (all of them visual) this will alerts us if your tires are safe, or if there is any leaks of vital fluids. Also, we inspect the hoses and belts to see it they are good. Of course, we look at your brakes, your exterior lights, your wipers, any suspension components, and many more.
    • Then of course we replace the oil and it’s oil filter with new ones. Using the proper recommended fluid for your car. And we set the tires to the recommended pressure.
    • This is done so that when we hand the keys back to the customer and get asked the question, “is everything OK with my car” we can confidently say, “YES”
    • As you may see and oil change is actually more like a routine checkup. A safety pit stop.
    • So next time you call for an oil change, you know what to expert at Omega Automotive.
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