Oil Change

Oil changes are one of the most important services to keep your vehicle on the road. One of the quickest and easiest services you can do to care for your vehicle is an oil change. An oil change is not simply changing the motor and oil and filter. At Omega Automotive, because we understand what our customers expect from. Customers expect us to evaluate the car. We have found that one questions customers ask after a basic oil change is. "is everything OK with my car?" This is the question we always seek to address and give our customer the assurance that their car is OK. 

Our goal is to keep our customers safe on the road. We inspect our customers car so that if there is any current problems or something will be a problem, it is our duty to inform the customer. 

As a mechanic when I drive my car and go places, I don't want to have any issues. I want to go and come back to my destination without any trouble; and that is our goal. To keep our customers car driving back and forth reliably. After and oil change we will let our customers know how good their car is. We will advise of maintenance needs, as well as components that may need attention. During and oil change we will road test the car to make sure it drives normal. When we open the hood we will inspect the hoses, belts, and all the stuff under the hood, then we will lift the car in the air and inspect the brakes, tires, suspension, check for oil leaks. we look at just about everything. So, sure we may a a few dollars more expensive than the quick lube places, but we give a ton more to our clients.

At the end we will place a sticker on the window to remind you when you need to come back. We want to take care of you. But that is not all. You will receive from us some reminders of your next service due. Your and your car will be in good hands with the techs at Omega Automotive.  

Remember, the mileage and the date on the sticker is when you need to return for service again. It is important. 

Every manufacturer has different recommendations as to how often and at what mileage you should have your oil change done. Neglecting an oil change will result in causing stress and unnecessary wear on your engine, which could cause engine failure. Give us a call today schedule an appointment for your next oil change. We have the process down to a science and can get you in and out in quickly! 

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