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Bumper repair and paint

Bumper repair and paint

Bumper repair experts. Most times when a bumper is damaged, we can repair it. Replacing your car’s bumper with a new one can be more expensive. We will always attempt to repair your bumper. There are many different types of materials used in the making of bumpers. Different repair procedures are necessary depending on the type of material your bumper was made of. One other factor to understand when painting a bumper or any other panel for that matter is that the paint needs to be extender to the entire panel. The damage may be on one corner but the entire panel needs to be worked on. Common questions: Do I need to have my entire bumper painted when being repaired? Answer: Depends on many factors. The age of the car, the shape of the bumper, the location of the damage, and the size of the damage. How long does it take to fix my bumper? Answer: Typically, anything painted takes two days. BUT we have a system where we can paint a panel and be able to return the car t ... read more

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